Singh & Associates is a full service international law firm comprising of experienced, capable and dedicated legal professionals, company secretaries and chartered accountants committed to providing exceptional legal counsel by making itself accessible, offering a clear and understandable road map to its clients’ complex legal issues, and delivering the highest value for the money spent. The law firm strive to inject warmth into the legal process, maintain a collegial team atmosphere and provide its clients with a close, personal service.

At Singh & Associates the attorneys, lawyers and legal assistants work together as a dedicated team to provide the highest quality legal representation to its clients. The lawyers and attorneys are specialists in their field enabling us to provide the best legal service and advocacy. This team model also goes a long way to make the working cost-effective which in turn makes it more economical for our clients

The list of the services offered by the law firm covers a wide variety of local, national as well as international branches of law. The legal practice of the law firm focuses in areas like Corporate Law, Banking, Finance, Multi National Corporate, Intellectual Property Law, Labor and Service Law, Franchising, Land Acquisition and Real Estate Law, Tax, Trusts/Estates Law, Foreign Direct Investments, Project Financing, Corporate Restructuring, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Civil and Criminal Litigation and Business Law, etc.

Our long experience has made us to understand that clients wish to minimize their involvement with the legal system. They put there full trust in the law firm representing them. It is this trust of our clients that serves as a driving force for us. We work together with our clients to avoid legal obstacles, and to handle legal problems in an efficient, professional manner when they do occur. With our multidisciplinary approach and use of technology, we create efficient, effective customer-driven solutions. By combining legal, legislative, economic, compliance, human resources and communications specialists we help our clients to design evolving strategies for success in a complex business environment.

Singh & Associates believes in building long term relationships with clients. Relationships which are based on trust and dedication, a promise to provide our clients with the highest levels of service. We firmly believe that its these relationships that are our real strength. These relationships are what that makes us unlike most other law firms and sets us apart.

Law firm’s members have spoken at various domestic and international conferences and have presented several papers, articles, presentations etc relating to their respective areas of practice. The firm has actively contributed in conducting of, and participating in debates, seminars, informative sessions and awareness programs to sensitize others on the importance and relevance of legal and techno-legal aspects (subjects).

We obviously cannot tell you everything about our capabilities on our web site, nor, most importantly, can we discuss exactly how we can help you with your particular legal needs. For that, we urge you to go to our contact page and tell us a bit about your situation so we can know how we can assist. Our initial consultations are always free.